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Power Backplanes

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Technical Details

PS1260 6U x 24HP Power Backplane Front and Back View

PS1260 6U x 24HP Power Backplane Connector Dimensions

The PS1260 is 6.5U (or 6U) tall, 24HP wide power backplanes. It may be used with the PS1300, PS1400, or PS4400 series of modular CompactPCI backplanes, or in any other application where large supply currents are required. The PS1260 will accept up to three Positronic type 500W power supplies operating in current sharing mode. The PS1260 supports different power supply styles. The PS1260 supports the standard Positronic style used by most cPCI power supply vendors, including the PS335x and PS535x series of power supplies. 

Either AC or DC power is supplied to the power plane by means of two six-contact Mate-n-Lok connectors. There are 8 ATX-style power connectors on each of the PS1260 and PS1265, for distribution of PS1600 Cable Assembly regulated power to the modular CompactPCI backplane families.

The connectors used are Molex “Mini-Fit Jr.” series headers or compatible connectors. These are the same connectors that are recommended for ATX style PC power supplies. TheCompactPCI backplanes will be connected to the power backplanes by means of cable assemblies (such as the PS1600) with mating “Mini-Fit Jr.” receptacles at either end.

The PS1260 backplane also has several rows of power taps for use when large supply currents are required, or when ATX connectors cannot be used. There are 26 power taps per board, connected to various output voltages.

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