The larger systems requiring heavy data processing are typically required in Telecom central office or Mil/Aero data processing of the networked battlefield or other high-performance requirement. 

In an open-standard COTS approach, the AdvancedTCA architecture is a common choice with 8U x 280mm cards, systems with 350+W cooling per slot and TB/s backplane bandwidth.  There are a wide range of standard high-performance Layer 2 or Layer 3 Ethernet switches and the space/cooling for powerful multi-socket, multi-core processors.  See the AdvancedTCA section for more information on the high-performance architecture.

For Custom solutions, Pixus has extensive experience in the highest speed backplane designs.  We also have virtually unlimited chassis platform configuration options with our vast modular designs.   Consult Pixus to discuss your application.    

Another option for heavy processing in 6U OpenVPX, particularly for phased-array RADAR or other demanding Mil/Aero systems.  
For Physics applications, see the physics page or contact Pixus to discuss your requirements.  

Schedule a call with an industry expert on embedded technologies.  We'll be happy to provide the Pros and Cons of the various architectures and guide you to the best option for your application.