Pixus Technologies can help you configure your MicroTCA system based on your requirements.  We help you select the best modules in the industry for your application that meet your budget and performance goals. For simplicity, you can order your full OpenVPX system and boards through Pixus or we will refer you to the best fit for your application.  Our flexible approach leaves the choice to you, and helps ensure you are getting the best performance and value required for your system. 


Intel or Freescale standard.  Processors speeds to 2.6 GHz.  1, 2 or 4 Cores.  DDR3, DDR4 or other memory options. 


Ethernet switches from 1G, 10G, or 40G.  Layer 2 or Layer 3.  Various port options.  Standard management and redundancy features.


Xilinx and Altera standard.  Speeds to 2.6 GSPS and above.   Various channel options.  DDR3, DDR4 or other memory options.  


NVIDIA and ATI options, consult Pixus for other options.  High GFlop CUDA processing engine options.  HD/SDI/HDMI display options.  Rugged conduction cooled options available.

I/O & Specialty

Various I/O and specialty OpenVPX boards are available.  Consult Pixus for options.   


Single or multiple SSD (solid state disk) options or no disk (integrated) versions.  Various storage capacity for SATA or SAS drives.   RAID and Advanced RAID options.  

Carriers & Mezzanines

Carriers and mezzanines such as FMC, XMC, PMC.  Mezzanine types include A/D & D/A, networking & I/O, and RF.   

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