OpenVPX Intro

OpenVPX is a high-speed serial platform used in Mil/Aero and other applications.  The Eurocard-based form factor features 3U and 6U boards that are used in rugged or COTS enclosure platforms that are forced air cooled or conduction cooled.  The high-speed architecture has backplane and board "profiles" per VITA 65 (VITA 65.0 and VITA 65.1) to ensure interoperability.  VITA 65 is an extension of VITA 46 to ensure compatibility. 

Pixus has a virtually unlimited array of configuration options for 19" rackmount VPX Eurocard-based enclosures and a wide selection of rugged/ATR system platforms.  We also provide configuration selection and integration services.  As backplane experts, Pixus has a wide variety of standard backplane configurations/profiles as well as cost-effective customized solutions.  


Board Options:

With several VPX board partners in the industry, Pixus' experienced team can select from the best-of-the-best for each type of pluggable module.  Gain from our expertise to find the most reliable and cost-effective solution that meets & exceeds your specifications.  

  • OpenVPX Processors/SBCs -- Intel and Freescale based, latest chipsets available. 
  • A/D & D/A Converters -- Xilinx and Altera based, newest generation available.  High GSPS and data slices.  
  • Graphics & GPGPU -- GPGPU and high-performance graphics boards for video capture, processing, and display.
  • Storage -- Solid State Disks, Advanced RAID, and JBOD modules in SATA III, SAS-3, and other options.
  • OpenVPX Switches -- Various ports options, 10G or 40G speeds.  Layer 2 or Layer 3. 
  • Specialty Boards -- A wide range of specialty boards are available, contact us with your requirement. 

Based on tried-and-true VITA (VMEbus International Trade Association) technology, Pixus offers complete systems with power supply unit and backplane, fully assembled, pre-wired and tested. In addition to the pre-configured computer shown here, individual solutions can also be configured for specific requirements. We will be happy to assist you at every stage of the process, from the initial consultancy and development, through to production.