The Pixus Technologies catalog includes our embedded computing chassis platforms, Rittal brand Instrumentation/Electronics Cases and Components.     

Overview Brochure (8 MB) - Twelve page overview of Pixus products & services

Full Catalog 

Part 1 of full catalog PDF (17 MB) -- About Pixus, OpenVPX Systems, AdvancedTCA Systems, MicroTCA Systems, Other 19" Rackmount Systems 

Part 2 of full catalog PDF (11 MB) -- Power Supplies, Rugged Systems, Cooling, Subracks, Subrack Accessories 

Part 3 of full catalog PDF (12 MB) -- Front Panels, Handles, Vario Instrumentation Cases, RiCase Instrumentation Cases, Technical Notes


Catalog of Rittal brand Instrumentation Cases (Vario and RiPac) -- Instrumentation Cases (2 MB)

Subrack Datasheet/Configurator -- full datasheet PDF (1.9 MB)