October 13, 2021

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Newsletter Archive

Fall 2021 - New SOSA Aligned OpenVPX Designs, Rugged SDRs, Pixus USA, & More

Spring 2021New Designs for OpenVPX / SOSA Aligned, MIL Rugged SDRs, & Modular Enclosures

Winter 2021 - Best OpenVPX/SOSA and Enclosure Designs of 2020 - Pixus Technologies

Fall 2020OpenVPX Designs with VITA 66/67 RF and optical 

Summer 2020 - Compact 1U OpenVPX Chassis, New Dual Depth SpaceVPX Chassis, & More! 

Spring 2020Rugged OpenVPX Chassis for Deep Boards, Desktop Cases, & Air Slot Blockers 

Fall 2019 - VITA 66/67 & SOSA/CMOSS OpenVPX, Detection & Measurement Enclosures 

Summer 2019Cooling High-Power OpenVPX in ATR Format

Feb 2019Advanced Cooling for 3U and 6U OpenVPX, Rugged Components 

Nov 2018Rugged Small Form Factor & Specialty Electronics Enclosures

Aug 2018 - Compact ATR Enclosures & Instrumentation Cases

Mar/Apr 2018 -  OpenVPX Specialty Components, Aesthetic Instrumentation Enclosures 

Feb 2018New CompactPCI Serial System, Mixing Air and Conduction Cooled Modules, & More 

Jan 2018Superior Cooling for OpenVPX and Other Chassis Platforms, New CompactPCI Serial System 

Nov 2017 - OpenVPX Components and Specialty Boards                     

Aug 2017 - New OpenVPX Enclosures & Components, New Articles

Apr 2017 - Efficient Cooling for Rackmount Embedded Computers

Feb 2017 - Creative Conduction-Cooling Solutions for Superior SWaP

Jan 2017 - Rugged OpenVPX Rackmount Systems

Dec 2016 - Cooling Instrument Cases

Oct 2016 - Advanced Cooling for 3U and 6U Systems

Sept 2016 - OpenVPX Development System

July/Aug 2016 - Articles & White Papers from Pixus

May 2016 - Conduction Cooled for Low SWaP 

April 2016 - OpenVPX Backplane Design

March 2016 - Powerful Front-to-Rear Cooling Solutions

February 2016 - Get Help in Configuring Your Embedded System

November 2015 - The Embedded Architecture Industry Swap

September 2015 - Improving Your Enclosure Design While Reducing Costs