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Pluggable Tier 3 SOSA Aligned Chassis Manager

March 24, 2024

SOSA aligned Tier 3 chassis manager that plugs into an OpenVPX slot, air or conduction cooled versions.

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New SOSA Aligned ATR Enclosure - Front Loaded

February 05, 2024

SOSA aligned ATR for 3U OpenVPX boards, front loaded with airflow over fins.

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New 1U Rackmount Dual X310 Software Defined Radios From Pixus Feature Superior Cooling, Ruggedization

November 06, 2023

Semi-rugged version of NI X310 Software Defined Radio that provides superior cooling and dual units in one 1U tall rackmount enclosure.

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New OpenVPX Backplanes Supporting SOSA Slot Profiles

October 05, 2023

SOSA aligned backplanes, slot profile configurations, 3U and 6U OpenVPX

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Dual Depth SpaceVPX Development Chassis for 3U Boards

August 24, 2023

Open frame development chassis for SpaceVPX, dual depths, 3U

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New SOSA Aligned ATR Chassis from Pixus

July 17, 2023

ATR enclosures for 3U SOSA aligned boards, MIL Rugged

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New OpenVPX and SOSA Aligned Chassis from Pixus Comes in a Front-to-Rear Cooled Airflow Configuration

March 23, 2023

4U horizontal mount OpenVPX / SOSA chassis for 3U or 6U OpenVPX boards.

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New 3U OpenVPX Backplane Configurations

February 28, 2023

New 3U OpenVPX and SOSA aligned backplanes.

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Pixus Announces New Serial MUX boards

January 04, 2023

Serial Hub boards - a single USB interface to 28 RS-232 (UART/MP) ports, 2 USB interfaces and a chassis manager interface.

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New Hybrid VME64x and OpenVPX options from Pixus

December 19, 2022

VME64x and OpenVPX hybrid backplane and chassis solutions

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