About MicroTCA  

MicroTCA is a smaller form factor architecture that is related to AdvancedTCA.  The Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) that are used in many AdvancedTCA applications as a daughter card are the core modules for MicroTCA.  The AMCs are 75 x 180mm boards (or 150mm tall in the double module size).  It offers the ability to have very high performance in a small space with speeds up to 40GbE, PCIe Gen3, etc.  MicroTCA allows up to 12 AMCs in a system standard with an MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) with IPMB platform management.  

Pixus Technologies specializes in customized enclosure systems and integration of a vast selection of AMCs in the marketplace.  The chassis size range from 1U, 2U, 5U, 8U (MicroTCA.4 with rear I/O), and custom sizes.  Up to 12 AMCs can be housed in a 1U chassis (a deep chassis with front and rear-loading AMCs) for tremendous performance density. 

Pixus has also developed unique device-mounting enclosures to hold specialty analyzers or RF devices in the rear of the embedded computing system.  


  • MicroTCA Systems

    MicroTCA Systems

    Standard and customized MicroTCA® shelves and system solutions. With expertise in xTCA systems, along with backplane and cooling specialists, Pixus will help you create a winning µTCA solution. Often used in quantum computing, high energy physics, mission-critical communications, and other specialty applications.

  • MicroTCA Modules

    MicroTCA Modules

    Pixus Technologies can help you configure your MicroTCA system based on your requirements. We help you select the best modules in the industry for your application that meet your budget and performance goals.