About AdvancedTCA  

AdvancedTCA is a high-performance architecture used in many Mil/Aero, Communications, and Physics/Research applications.  The larger board size (8U x 280mm), high-speed backplanes (40GbE is standard with 100GbE in draft), and cooling focus make the architecture a favorite for very high bandwidth requirements. 

 AdvancedTCA's features include 

  • System availability of at least 99.999%
  • Hot-swap capability ensures uninterrupted operation
  • Transmission rates of up to 2.5 Tbit/s
  • Large board formats: 8U x 280 mm
  • Switched fabric architecture:  Full Mesh and Dual Star
  • Cooling solutions up to 400W per board
  • Support of different protocols 
  • Defined performance up to 40GbE-KR, 100G ATCA versions currently in design

Pixus' pre-cursor Kaparel introduced the "most successful AdvancedTCA chassis solution" and continues to innovate today.  The company provides configuration selection and integration services.  Our xTCA product line comprises of complete standard shelf solutions for AdvancedTCA including shelf management, backplane and cooling concepts, fully wired and function-tested. The range is complemented by filler panels and face plates, as well as AMC/ATCA carriers in two variants.

Board Options

  • Processors -- Intel based, latest chipsets available. 
  • A/D & D/A Converters -- Xilinx based, newest generation available.  High GSPS and data slices.  
  • Graphics & GPGPU -- GPGPU and high-performance graphics boards for video capture, processing, and display.
  • Switches -- Various ports options, 10G or 40G speeds.  Layer 2 or Layer 3. 
  • Specialty Boards -- A wide range of specialty boards are available, contact us with your requirement.