Pixus offers various AdvancedTCA switches, FPGAs, processors, graphics, RTMs, and specialty cards.  With our key partnership, Pixus can help you find the right boards at the right price.  For simplicity, you can order your full ATCA system and boards through Pixus or we will refer you to the best fit for your application. Our flexible approach leaves the choice to you, and helps ensure you are getting the best performance and value required for your system. 


Multiple port options and low-cost versions.  Layer 2 or Layer 3 managed.  10G or 40G switch options.   Versions with AMC slots.  Optional integrated shelf management.  


Xilinx standard with Altera versions opitonal.   Xilinx versions in Kintex-7, Virtex-7, and other Series-7 or UltraScale optional.  Versions for A/D with multiple channel options.   Up to 2.6 GSPS. 


Intel standard, other chipsets optional. Latest Xeon and Core i processors.  Various core options and 10G or 40G Ethernet channels.  Versions with PCIe Gen 3 carriers, other specialty features. 


Various specialty graphics modules and interfaces.  Carrier for standard commercial PCIe Gen 3 cards. Video mixing options.   

Specialty Cards

The specialty cards include RTMs, IO modules and other features.  Contact Pixus for more information.


Do our quick "30-second" registration to view the full AdvancedTCA board configuration sheet.  Or contact Pixus to discuss your application.   



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